13 September 2019

17th International Pet Fair

Event description

The International PET FAIR exhibition is the largest and most prestigious event for the Polish zoological industry. It is the most important meeting place for producers, distributors, pet shops owners and wholesalers. Pet Fair takes place only every second year and has a 2-days B2B formula and 1-day for animal lovers.
It is a place where you can:
- attract new customers and business partners;
- attend numerous training courses and conferences dedicated to professionals;
- find Polish distributors;
- establish direct business contacts with polish zoological wholesalers and pet shops’ owners;
- identify customer expectations of the Polish market.

The last edition PET FAIR was visited by almost 5000 thousand professionals and more than 4000 animal lovers. Discover the opportunities of the Polish market by participating in the PET FAIR 2019. Check out the current promotions on the exhibition area.

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